My 10 Favorite Summer Destinations

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I mostly decided to write this post so I could share this summer throwback:


Now that we got that out of the way, I thought I would also share a few of my favorite places to be in the summer. I recently shared two of those places โ€” one domestic and one international โ€” with fellow blogger, Nadeen of The Sophisticated Life. But, to be honest, it wasn't easy to narrow myself down to two because there are so many places that I love during the summer. There's something about these destinations that just feels magical during this time of year.

So I decided to use my own blog to share the two that I shared with Nadeen and eight more of my favorite summer destinations:

Quebec, Canada
I've said a few times before that I think Montreal is an amazing place to be in the summer, and I stand by that. But after my recent trip to Montreal and the Eastern Townships, I'm expanding my favorite to all of Quebec, not just Montreal. No, I haven't seen all of Quebec but between Montreal, Quebec City, the Eastern Townships and all the Quebecois cheese and wine, I know all of Quebec is my favorite. I just know.

New York, New York
I admit, about 30% of the time, I spend my summers in New York sweating and complaining about the heat and humidity, but the other 70% I spend enjoying what is uniquely summertime in New York. Yes, other cities have concerts and outdoor theatre and rooftops, but they don't compare to concerts, outdoor theatre and rooftops in New York.

London, England
We all know London isn't known for its weather, which is why I think those beautiful summer days are all the more magical. People are out in droves, soaking up as much of the sun as they can, and the parks and streets of London look their best. Hot and sunny weather will do that โ€“ it just can't get too hot and sunny in London. The city doesn't do too well when it's super hot.

Santorini, Greece
I've never been to Santorini in December but I can't imagine it's as appealing as summertime when every day literally is like a postcard. It's like the rain and clouds know Santorini is not for them and they take themselves elsewhere. Throw in the beautiful white buildings, the out-of-this-world sunset, the friendly people and the amazing food, and you've got a perfect summer destination.

Amalfi Coast, Italy
Similar to Santorini, the Amalfi Coast was made for summer when Italians and tourists alike flock to the beaches in their speedos, bikinis and designer sunglasses to soak up as much Italian sunshine as possible. There are many places to do this in Italy but the Amalfi Coast just does it with a little more glam.

Puglia, Italy
On the opposite coast of Italy is the charming and arguably underrated area of Puglia. Like the Amalfi Coast, there are beaches and stunning scenery in Puglia but not nearly as many tourists. In particular, the northern part of Puglia is more off the beaten path but still gives you the amazing Italian summer feel.

Lisbon, Portugal
Last year, I went to Lisbon in July and, I'm not going to lie, it was HOT. Perhaps not as hot and humid as Hong Kong in July but it was definitely steamy. Regardless, I love Lisbon in the summer. My first night there was spent along the Tagus River where a DJ was playing live music as people enjoyed drinks, the scenery and each other. That was when I knew this was a fun summer city.

Cรดte d'Azur, France
Yes, it's another European destination by the water but clearly I have a type, and I'm okay with that. Though I've only seen a portion of the south of France, I can say that what I've seen is beautiful and quaint and just so French. In particular, I loved my visit in Eze, which was unlike anywhere else I've been and offers some of the best views. Throw in the lovely markets of Nice and the lavender of Provence and I'm sold.

Bali, Indonesia
I'm sure Bali is a great year-round destination but I know it tends to be rainier and stickier between October and March, making the months not in between those the ideal time to visit Bali. Without clouds to get in your way, you can better appreciate those incredible sunrises and sunsets that are unlike anywhere else.

Northern California
Last but certainly not least, I think Nor Cal is a great place to visit during the summer. For starters, it's generally cooler there so during the summer you get what I think is an ideal climate. Then you have the vineyards, the ocean, the city, the coastal road, the trees and a whole bunch of other stuff I'm missing but you should still see.

What are your favorite summer destinations?

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