Most Frequently Asked Travel Questions – Answered!

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Since I started The Globe Getter in 2015, I've had numerous people reach out to me – some to share their own travel stories (which I love reading!) and some to ask questions about travel.

I always try to take the time to reply as thoughtfully as I can to these questions and, in answering them, I've realized there are some things people often want to know more about when it comes to travel, whether that's travel in general or my own travels.

So, I'm rounding up some of the most frequently asked travel questions that have come my way and sharing my answers below:

How do you afford to travel?
I think this question is thought about more than it's actually asked, but I did recently tackle this in a blog post. The gist: points and miles, deal sites (check my Resources page for my favorites), being flexible and having a full-time job. Without these things, I quite honestly couldn't afford to travel as much as I do.

Aren't you scared of traveling by yourself?
Sometimes, yes. I would be lying if I said I was never scared or nervous to travel to a certain destination by myself but I also think of my favorite travel moments and some of them come out of those situations in which I was initially (and often unnecessarily) scared. Sometimes you have to face your fears while still remembering to be a smart traveler who is aware of your surroundings. 

Where are you going next?
At the time of this post, my next trip is to Santorini and London, followed by South America (my first time!). In terms of how I decide where to go next, I wrote a post about that! See here. It's a combination of factors but the common thread is that it's always a place I'm interested in seeing. 


Where's your favorite place you've traveled to?
I get asked this a lot and it's SO HARD to answer. There are so many places I love for different reasons. But if I'm pressed, I often say South Africa because it's one of those places that got under my skin (in a good way) and stayed there. I hope to go back one day soon.

Who takes your pictures when you're traveling by yourself?
I get this question often and ended up writing a post about it. Taking good pictures of yourself when you're traveling solo is tricky but not impossible, especially in today's highly tech-savvy world. 

Do you ever get tired of traveling?
No, nope, never. I definitely love having my own apartment and don't want to travel full-time. So when I do travel, I truly value it and never get tired of the actual act of traveling. Do I get tired of flight delays or some of the less glamorous aspects of travel? Yes. But the act of going someplace new? No.

Would you ever quit your job to travel full-time?
I can't say never but at this point in time, I don't foresee myself doing that at all. There are many travel bloggers who did quit their jobs to travel the world, and that's great for them, but it's simply not an option for many people. I want to work and I want to travel the world, and I'm able to do both.

Do you have any recommendations for [insert place]?
If I've been to that place recently, I probably do have recommendations (and they may very well be on this site – check under Destinations). But, if I haven't been to that place recently, I wouldn't trust my recommendations and would advise you look elsewhere, like TripAdvisor or other bloggers' sites.

Do you know any good deals to [insert specific place] in [insert specific time]?
I've always said this and still stand by it – it's hard to get a deal when you want to travel at a specific time to a specific place. I often find the best deals by being flexible about either the time of year or the location. But if you know you have no flexibility, you should look into gaining and using airline points and miles versus waiting on a deal that may never happen.

I'm looking to start a blog. How did you start yours?
It was a drawn out process to get my blog off the ground, but I did it. I'll be honest about the fact that it's not always easy to maintain a blog while holding down a full-time job and a life, but it can be done. One question I always pose to people who tell me they want to start a blog is whether they genuinely feel their topic of choice is something they think they can write about for a long period of time. Starting is hard but maintaining is even harder, in my opinion.


Those are just a few of the commonly asked questions that have come my way. If you have any additional questions (or your own answers!) to add, sound off below in the comments!

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