7 Reasons Why I Love Traveling With My Dad

by Tausha Cowan in ,

This is my dad:


As you can see from this photo, he's a pretty cool cat. And like me, he's on a mission to see the world.

Together we've hiked a volcano in Greececelebrated Holi in Indiastrolled markets in London and had many other adventures along the way. After each trip, my dad's love of traveling only grows stronger. 

Though we have not had as many travel moments as my mom and me, we have racked up our fair share of amazing experiences around the world. He is, without a doubt, one of my favorite travel partners.

So, in honor of Father's Day, here are seven reasons why I love traveling with my dad:

1: He's adventurous
I like to think I got my adventurous side from my dad and then took it up a few notches, though judging from the below photo, he is probably beating me in the adventure department. He's someone who typically embraces the idea of the unknown, whether it's him embarking on a trip or living vicariously through me. Regardless, he shares my love of exploration, both near and far.


2: He's curious
One of the great things about travel is that it allows you to satisfy any curiosities you have about the world. As an innately curious person, my dad understands this. He loves to ask questions and go underneath the surface to find out more about a place or group of people.


3. He's patient … sometimes
Confession: I am that annoying person who loves to take pictures approximately every 30 seconds (in my defense, they usually turn out well). If I'm traveling with someone and want a picture with me in it, the responsibility lies with my lucky travel companion to get the right shot. This usually results in the other person growing impatient and annoyed, but my dad is almost always the patient one, at least when it comes to taking pictures.


4. He knows when to go with the flow
As we all know, travel does not always go as planned, so it's important to know how to go with the flow. My dad is pretty good at this. During my parents' visit in London, I made them walk to my favorite cheese sandwich place, Kappacasein, which I thought would be a leisurely 20-minute stroll across London Bridge. Turns out it was a much longer walk than I imagined and at one point we got lost, but my parents took it all in stride.   


5. He knows how to have a good time
Ask any of my parents' friends about my parents, and chances are their friends will say they know how to enjoy life. This love of having a good time transfers over to their travels. From getting down to Punjabi music at an Indian wedding, to demonstrating his best pirate impression in Jamaica, my dad knows how to loosen up and have fun.


6. He likes to try new things
As an adventurous and open-minded person, it's no surprise that my dad loves to try new things. In fact, every few weeks, I send him information about a recently discovered experience or a new restaurant I've come across, all with the following message: "We need to try this!" His response: "Let's do it!" 


7. He understands the power of travel
Travel is transformative. It connects us, pushes us and takes us out of our comfort zones. My dad understands that every time I say I want to go to a new country or visit a new city, it's because a travel experience is priceless. As the saying goes, "To travel is to live." My dad gets that. 


I look forward to more great trips with my dad and the adventures that await us.


Do you like to travel with your dad? Let me know why!

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