That Time I Lost My Mom in India (And Other Memorable Moments With Mom)

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Growing up in South Florida, I didn't travel too far from my home that often, but I always felt connected to the world through my mom. At the time, she was a marketing professional who spent much of her time traveling to places that seemed vastly different from my daily life. One week she would be in Hungary and Austria and the next she's in business meetings in Singapore and Malaysia. But no matter how often she traveled, she always brought something back from the countries she visited.

It was this exposure and hearing about her experiences that helped foster my curiosity and intense desire to see the world. And now look where I am — a part-time travel blogger and full-time travel addict. Thanks, Mom!

It was this exposure and hearing about her experiences that helped foster my curiosity and intense desire to see the world.

Though we have not lived in the same city for the last 12 years, my mom and I have had countless adventures around the world, including but not limited to France, India, South Africa, Ghana, England, Arizona, California, Colorado, and many other places.

She has been my travel partner in crime on many occasions, both as part of a larger group and as a duo. Though we sometimes have our typical mother-daughter disagreements, we always have a great time. So, in honor of Mother's Day, here are my most memorable travel moments with my mom.

Several years ago I traveled to India for a family wedding accompanied by my mom and about nine other relatives. It was an experience, to say the least. Drop a group of Jamaicans in India and, trust me, adventures will ensue. One of those "adventures" included leaving my mom at the Delhi train station, Home Alone-style. Not intentionally, of course, but when you have a large group of people, three taxis and a really crowded train station on a Saturday night, you're bound to lose track of something — or someone. Fortunately she was found and our time in India was an amazing experience. From our Holi celebration, to the Sangeet, to the actual wedding — I had a great time with my mom and the rest of my family. 


South Africa
For my mom's birthday, the two of us, along with one of my mom's childhood friends, ventured to South Africa where we traveled to Johannesburg, Kruger National Park, Blyde River Canyon and Cape Town. The trip remains one of my best travel experiences to date, and I'm so grateful to have been able to go. In this photo, we had just arrived at our lodge in Kruger, where we were greeted with fruity drinks and a view of elephants splashing in our lodge's watering hole (clearly just a regular Tuesday). It was the perfect start to an unforgettable safari.


Wimbledon, London
My mom is a huge tennis lover. Put baseball legend A-Rod in front of her and she would probably shrug and politely introduce herself. Put tennis heavyweights Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal in front of her and it's a whole different story. While living in London, I entered the Wimbledon lottery with little to no expectations of getting anything but a slight hope that something would work out. Well, it did! I got two Wimbledon tickets for Centre Court the day of the men's doubles semifinal (also the day of the men's singles semifinal on No. 1 Court). Each ticket was less than £40, so not too shabby for a star-powered day of tennis. The only issue was that my mom had a pre-existing reward flight scheduled to arrive a week after Wimbledon, so she quickly bumped her flight up and got to London in time for Wimbledon, strawberries and cream, the Bryan brothers and Nadal himself. 


Sedona, Arizona
During one of my mom's work trips, I decided to meet her in Phoenix, Arizona, where we would then drive through Sedona to our final destination, the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately that weekend happened to be the same time all national parks were closed, so our Grand Canyon excursion was canceled. With that particular bucket list experience postponed, I decided to book us on another adventure: an off-road tour through Sedona's back country in an open-air jeep. Now, anyone who knows my mom would agree with the statement that she is not an outdoorsy person. So, hanging out in the back of a jeep while we weave through huge boulders in Sedona was not necessarily the alternative she had in mind. Nevertheless, we both ended up having a blast and look forward to the day we finally make it to the Grand Canyon.


Bath, England
While in London for Wimbledon, my mom and I decided to get out of the city for the day and take a trip to Bath, Salisbury and Stonehenge. It was one of the few times I got to experience the English countryside, fortunately on a bright, sun-filled summer day. Stonehenge is one of those places that you just have to cross off your list (and with good reason) and Salisbury was beautiful with its historic homes and beautiful cathedral, but it was Bath, with its Roman Baths and Georgian architecture, that we found the most charming. Coming from central London, Bath feels like a slight step back in time, even though the town has many modern amenities. We loved walking around and getting the feel of this unique and elegant place.  

I look forward to having many more memorable adventures around the world with my mom as we celebrate our love of travel together.


Do you have any memorable travel moments with your mom? 

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