10 Romantic Places to Visit

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Happy Belated Valentine's Day! Do people say that? Anyway, seeing that it's a week of hearts and roses and Dove chocolates, it feels appropriate to talk about the romantic places of the world.

Ultimately, I think this is all subjective and in the eye of the beholder, but there are a few places that arguably feel more romantic than others. In honor of Valentine's Day, here are 10 places full of romance and love.

Paris, France
I'm just going to get this one out of the way. It's cliche but that's for a reason. The City of Lights is overflowing with romance, whether it's winter or summer, spring or fall. After all, it's Paris.


Venice, Italy
Though Venice is not exactly my favorite place in Italy, I have to admit it's made for romance. Pricey gondola rides aside (though if that's your thing, you do you), there are so many quiet walkways and intimate trattorias that make this place feel magical.


Agra, India
I think we can all agree that flowers and chocolate pale in comparison to, say, a huge monument of love known as the Taj Mahal? That's that centuries-old kind of love, and that's pretty hard to beat.


Santorini, Greece
This is another obvious choice and for a reason: Santorini is a postcard come to life, and it's a honeymoon hotspot. But even if you're not on a honeymoon (I went with my parents – this is the opposite of a honeymoon) and just want a fun trip with your boo, come here. 


New York City
Yes, New York is gritty and dirty and can, at times, be way too intense, but it can also be exhilarating, enticing and full of romance. That's the beauty of NYC – it's a choose your own adventure and mood kind of place.


Negril, Jamaica
Sun is shining, weather is sweet. That's why Negril is a place that's perfect for those seeking some romance. While you have beautiful hotels along Seven Mile Beach, I'm more of a cliffs person. Head to Rockhouse Hotel for your romance + cliffs fix.


Prague, Czech Republic
With its beautiful architecture, jazz scene and old world charm, Prague is a place that can feel pretty romantic. Maybe it's also because I visited this city when it was cold, so everything felt very intimate and cozy and, yes, full of romance.

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Edinburgh, Scotland
What do you get when you take a gorgeous medieval castle and drop it into a city with slightly gothic scenery and a Harry Potter vibe? Romance! I know you probably don't believe me, but trust me, it somehow all adds up to some good ole romantic feels.

Eze, France
Up in the hills of Côte d'Azur is a place that is medieval, beautifully ancient and a perfect place to visit, even if it's not as a couple. If you do go with a significant other, you'll be able to stroll the quaint streets, hand in hand, in romantic bliss while looking out at the gorgeous scenery.


Quebec City, Canada
Head to Old Quebec and be prepared to feel like you're in a different time and continent. The charm is undeniable and perfect for some romance, both in the winter when it's sparkly and white (albeit freezing) and in the summer.


So, next Valentine's Day, head to one of these cities and experience the romance each has to offer. You won't miss those flowers and Dove chocolates one bit.

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