My Favorite Summertime Photos

by Tausha Cowan in

It's a bit crazy to think that we're already nearing the end of July, which means half of summer has passed, and per usual, time is flying (When is time not flying? Besides weekday afternoons around 3pm?).

Realizing how far into summer we are, I recently took a nostalgic look back at some of my favorite photos from earlier in the summer (and by summer I mean everything between Memorial Day and Labor Day), which made me then start looking at some of my favorite photos from last summer, and the summer before that, and so on. And then I figured I would just share all the fairly recent photos of summer that I love because sharing is caring, and I want everyone to look at these photos with me. They all bring me back to that moment in time – that feeling of warmth, freedom, relaxation and pure, unadulterated bliss. That, to me, is summer. 

Here they are in no particular order:

Do you have any favorite photos of summer?

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