Around the World With... My Sunglasses

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A year ago, I traveled to several cities in Italy and Germany with my family, and while in Milan, we came upon this vendor selling a huge array of colorful and unique sunglasses. After browsing for awhile and trying on what had to be about 15-20 pairs, my mom and I settled on the same pair of sunglasses — dark shades with multicolored, floral frames. I had never seen sunglasses like this before and loved that they were funky without being gaudy (just how I like many things in life). 

These sunglasses quickly became my favorite pair, and over the last year, I took them with me to many destinations around the world. They didn't go everywhere I went, but they accompanied me on most of my trips. And I'm not sure why I started doing this but somewhere along the way I started to hold up the sunglasses and take photos with them. It's something that I figured I would be doing for a long time until I got tired of the idea. Buuut then they broke (insert sad face).

I know it sounds silly, and it's just a material thing, but I was pretty upset that these sunglasses broke. I'm sure I can't fix them (though, if anyone has any tips for fixing a broken arm/hinge that do not include tape or superglue, let a sista know), so I decided to instead write about them. In honor of those funky but not gaudy sunglasses that I bought in Milan, I'm sharing a few of the photos we (we being an inanimate object and myself) took around the world:

Isle of Palms, South Carolina
This photo was taken on the beach in Isle of Palms, South Carolina, a beach town in Charleston County located not too far outside of Downtown Charleston. My mom and I spent a few days in the area attending the wine and food festival, touring the city and learning how to make the perfect fried chicken.

Edinburgh, Scotland
After traveling to Ireland for work, I decided to pass through Scotland before heading back to New York, and I'm so glad I did! I immediately loved Edinburgh and thought it was a gorgeous city. This photo was taken during one of my favorite moments – I had climbed up to Calton Hill and had decided to hang out on the National Monument of Scotland, enjoying the uncharacteristically warm and sunny weather with a view of Holyrood Park.

Scottish Highlands, Scotland
During my time in Scotland, I did a great day trip with Timberbush Tours and chose my specific tour, in large part, because of this view. This specific stop in the West Highlands is called Rest and Be Thankful, and it was certainly a place to do both. We also lucked out and arrived at this stop soon after the sun came out and the clouds from the gloomy morning drifted away. 

Chicago, Illinois
I realize this view doesn't look like Chicago, but that's part of what makes Chi-Town such a great city. It's got the urban feel but is also situated alongside beautiful Lake Michigan. During the summer, the area is packed with boaters, runners, cyclists and sun worshippers who frequent the lake's beaches. It's a tranquil part of Chicago that's not too far from the hustle and bustle of the Loop.

Polignano a Mare, Italy
Ah, beautiful Polignano a Mare! This is one of my new favorite parts of Italy. I spent some time in this area after attending a friend's wedding in northern Puglia (one of my favorite travel moments of the summer) and found Polignano a Mare, in particular, to be stunning and somewhat of a hidden gem. I think many Italians know about this place, but not as many tourists, who instead head to the Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre and other coastal parts of Italy.

Lake Iseo, Italy
After my friend's wedding in Puglia, another friend and I hopped on a plane and headed up to Milan, where we rented a car and drove to Franciacorta, Italy. While there, we went to Lake Iseo to try and get a last glimpse of the Floating Piers installation before it was taken down. I took this photo on the ferry as we were heading to Monte Isola, the largest lake island in Europe. 

Lisbon, Portugal
I loved Lisbon immensely and tried to do as much as I could during my way-too-brief time there. One morning, I got up early (note: I'm a big fan of getting up early to explore cities) and decided to walk around as much of Lisbon as possible. This was taken as the city was just starting to come to life and before the weather got too hot (July in Lisbon is a scorcher). 

Port Antonio, Jamaica
One of my most recent trips was to Port Antonio, Jamaica for my cousin's wedding. It was in a part of the island that's my personal favorite, and we lucked out with what was absolutely perfect weather all weekend. This was the unbelievable view from where I stayed with family during my time in what many affectionately call "Portie."

Thanks for the good times, funky sunglasses. I had fun. Luckily, I found the same vendor during my recent return to Milan and bought another pair of sunglasses; they're not as funky but I think they'll do.

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