A Few Travel Moments I'm Thankful For

by Tausha Cowan in

If I had to guess the question I'm asked most often, it would be "Where is your favorite place you've been?" I always respond that it's such a hard question to answer because how could I ever chose just ONE? I like a number of places for a variety of reasons.

I've traveled to a lot of places over the years, with many more to go. And though I can't say I've loved everywhere I've been, I've always been thankful for each experience. Part of what's made me thankful are the moments throughout my adventures that reinforce to me how amazing travel can be. It's why I'm a certified travel addict and am always planning my next trip. 

I honestly don't think I can recall every single travel moment I'm thankful for because there are just way too many, but in honor of Thanksgiving this week, I decided to share five of those moments and what made them special.

My Sunrise Trek Up Bali's Mount Batur

I've had some pretty incredible travel experiences this year, but one of those moments where I remember literally thinking "Wow, this is so amazing; I am so thankful to be here" was when I watched the sunrise while sipping tea at the top of Bali's Mount Batur. The whole thing almost didn't happen, but I'm so thankful it did. It was a challenging hike to the top with my guide Komang of Meet the Real Bali, but once I saw the sunrise, I knew it was worth it.

Bali Sunrise Trek.jpg

My Visit to the White House and National Museum of African American History and Culture

What a special day this was. Before heading to Washington D.C. for a whirlwind 24 hours, the only thing I knew would definitely happen was a visit to the White House to see the holiday decorations during Obama's final days in office. It ended up being a brisk but sunny day, perfect for my holiday tour of the White House. Afterwards, my family and I decided to try our luck at the nearby National Museum of African American History and Culture. Though it was only a few months after opening, we were able to snag tickets on the spot and ended up spending five hours in the museum. The entire day, which I'm going to clump into a "travel moment," was a reminder of just how far people like me have come.

White House holiday tour.jpg

Feeding Wild Kangaroos in Australia

After going on an amazing wine tasting tour in Australia's Hunter Valley, our tour guide gave us one last surprise that made my ENTIRE day/trip/year/life! We went to an outdoor area in Hunter Valley known for its wild kangaroos, where they can often be found jumping around with their young joeys. It was incredible to see them in their natural habitat and to feed them carrots, NOT bread like some think they should. It was one of those moments I was and am still thankful I got to experience. They were the cutest!


My Entire South African Safari

Ohhh man, I loved my safari in South Africa SO much. It was incredible from start to finish. I was thankful for every single moment, but in particular when, after hours of searching and days of seeing lionesses, we came upon a male lion hanging out at the side of the road. Not only was he mere feet away from us, but he also took the opportunity to stand up, cross in front of our vehicle and then walk to meet his brother on the other side. All while our mouths were hanging open in amazement. This was such a great trip, and I'm grateful to Gomo Gomo Game Lodge for giving us an unforgettable experience. 

South African Safari.jpg

All of My Solo Adventures

Technically, this isn't one travel moment, but it's my blog so I'm going to twist the rules a bit. I am thankful for all of my solo travels. They've made me a more capable, independent and open-minded person. I haven't loved every moment of my solo adventures, but I'm always thankful for the experiences. Solo traveling has taught me a lot, both about myself and the world. I'm also thankful to be able to have these solo travel moments and come out of them safe and feeling stronger than before.


As I said earlier, there are sooo many other travel moments I'm thankful for, and that number only continues to grow. I can't wait to keep collecting these moments and having these experiences that will last me a lifetime.

Do you have any travel moments you're thankful for?




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