A Few Places I Love Returning to Again and Again (and Again)

by Tausha Cowan in

As I'm writing this I'm on my way back to London, a city I called home for a year and a place I seem to never get tired of. I think it helps that London itself is constantly evolving so there's always something new to do, somewhere new to eat and someplace new to explore. It's an enticing combination of the old and familiar meets the new and exciting.

My return got me thinking about how there are some places I'm so glad I got to see but I don't get that feeling that I need to go back. If circumstances take me back then great, but otherwise I'm not making it a priority to go again. And then there are those places that I am perfectly happy - no, make that ecstatic - to visit again and again and again. Here's a list of those places:


Clearly London is one of those places - I started this blog post writing about how it's one of those places. In addition to what I said above, I love going back and catching up with the friends who still live there and seeing what their lives are like. I've been fortunate to be able to visit every one to two years since I lived there, and it's always an enjoyable time.


Hong Kong

I've been to Hong Kong three times and never feel like I have enough time, mostly because I go there in two to three-day stints, which is not a good way to experience such a dynamic city. One of these days I hope to return for a longer stay that will allow me to better explore the city and the surrounding areas.



When I was growing up in South Florida, I honestly could take or leave Miami and often felt Ft. Lauderdale was the better choice. I wasn't a fan of South Beach (I'm still not) and I think that greatly impacted my overall feelings toward Miami. Now, I love going to Miami and I think it's one of those perfect weekend getaways that's good for all ages. Miami itself has also grown and evolved, which has helped it maintain its popular destination status.



I've only been to Lisbon twice so it may be premature to say it's a place I like visiting repeatedly, but I can tell you I definitely want to go back for a third time, so that's saying something. Both times were quick trips so I don't feel as though I've given the city its due diligence. I also have yet to explore any areas outside of Lisbon, so I clearly need to make a plan to head back soon.



I go back to Jamaica repeatedly, mostly because that's where much of my family lives. But I also like going back to Jamaica repeatedly. It's one of the most beautiful islands (in my biased opinion) and I like getting the opportunity to explore somewhere new, which is still possible even after visiting Jamaica more than 20 times in my life.



Not only do I love returning to Montreal again and again, I love returning to this city at a very specific time. I'm about to sound like a broken record but I just don't care - Montreal during the International Jazz Festival is the best! THE BEST! Live music, a funky francophone vibe and a fun atmosphere for literally everyone make Montreal a clear favorite.


Do you have any places you like visiting repeatedly?

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