Travel Inspiration: 50 Reasons to Love the World

by Tausha Cowan in ,

If you regularly, or even irregularly, tune into the news then you know the world can be a pretty scary and frustrating place. But what the media does not show nearly enough is how much beauty exists in our world. There are plenty of reasons to be angry about many of the injustices happening everywhere, but there are also countless reasons to be grateful for all of the good things out there.

As a Yahoo Travel Explorer, I recently had the opportunity to share with Yahoo Travel one of the reasons I love the world. My response:

“Because a quiet sunset in the middle of the South African bush reminded me that there is so much beauty and awe in the everyday.” 

Read the 49 other reasons to love the world from other Yahoo Travel Explorers as well as the Yahoo Travel staff:

50 Reasons to Love the World (From Very Seasoned Travelers)

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